John Lewis Shines a Christmas light on fostering

John Lewis Shines a Christmas light on fostering – could you?

The much-anticipated John Lewis Christmas advert has arrived, and this year it did not disappoint. For the first time ever, John Lewis has produced an advert which puts fostering firmly at its centre and John Lewis is shining a Christmas light on fostering and the commitment and dedication of foster carers.

The advert, entitled ‘The Beginner’, sees a middle-aged man repeatedly try and fail to learn how to skateboard. At the end of the advert, we understand why as a teenager clutching a skateboard is brought to the fostering household by her social worker. The advert really helps to demonstrate how foster carers prepare for the arrival of a young person and how they adapt their own lives to meet their needs.

The process of learning to skateboard, with the dedication required, also acts as a great illustration of the perseverance needed by foster carers to work with children in care who often have complex past experiences. It brilliantly draws attention to the crucial role foster carers play in caring for vulnerable children and young people.

Around 550 carers are still needed across Wales every year! That’s why Foster Wales Cardiff are looking to recruit new foster carers from all walks of life across the city. Ensuring that children can be housed locally is of huge importance, as keeping connected with their friends, their school, and their sense of identity, builds confidence and reduces stress.

Have you been moved by the John Lewis Christmas Avert?

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