supported lodgings sisters, rona and val!

supported lodgings sisters, Rona and Val!

Rona and Val are sisters, and they are also Supported Lodgings Providers. Both offer a room and support to young people aged 16-21 who are leaving care or homeless.

rona’s story

Rona has a caring background, and was working for Cardiff Council, Adult Services as a Carer in the Community with older people when she found out about Supported Lodgings. She says “I heard an advert on the radio for Supported Lodgings and I thought, I could do that. I’ve got a spare room. I thought, I’ve brought my two children up and I can support young adults”.  

For Rona becoming a Supported Lodgings provider meant helping young people that may not be ready to live on their own and still need some guidance and support. Rona has now been a supported lodgings provider for quite a few years and provides support, safety, and care for those who need it the most.

Rona will be the first to admit that there have been some ups and downs, but she has always believed in giving everyone a chance. “Some haven’t had the best time before they come to us. It’s so fulfilling to see the change in them as you help them – that’s what it makes it worthwhile.

“Even though I’ve brought my two children up, I’m still learning all the time from different experiences I have with the young people”. 

val’s story

Val’s decision to become a Supported Lodgings Provider was based on several factors, but something that really influenced her was watching Rona make such a difference to so many young people’s lives. “I met the young people in her home, and I thought, I can help them.”

When Val started, she cared for emergency placements.  Now she’s opened her home to all kinds of young people and really appreciates how diverse the experience is. “It was heart-breaking at first, to see young people having nowhere to go but then I’ve seen them move on to better things. There are so many positives having young people in your home, it’s a lovely feeling when they are on the up. Everybody needs someone to support them, and these young people haven’t always got that, so if feels good to be able to help.”

If reading Rona and Val’s story has inspired you to start you journey towards becoming a Supported Lodgings Provider, then we would love to hear from you, call: 029 2087 3797 or visit  Supported Lodgings ( Providers receive full training and financial remuneration.

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