why foster with us?

why foster with us?

What makes a fostering success? It’s different for every family. It means connection. Happiness. Stability.

what is fostering really like?

Hear from those who know best: out amazing foster carers.

At Foster Wales Cardiff we’re right there beside every foster carer throughout their journey, offering guidance and support, and celebrating all the little victories.

Here is Alastair and Marion’s story, who became foster carers in 2019 after deciding they wanted to make a difference in children and young people’s lives.

the foster family

Fostering is something Alister and Marion had thought about doing for many years. They were confident they could provide a stable, loving home for a child however the timing never seemed right for them.

“Fostering is something we thought about many years ago, we just loved family and wanted to open our home for children to experience a safe place, but the timing wasn’t right for us.”

One day they saw an advert for a Fostering and Adoption evening event at their local church and decided to attend. The event inspired Alister and Marion and helped them take the first step in their fostering journey with Foster Wales Cardiff. The local team were there every step of the way and helped them to prepare for what fostering would mean for them and their family.

“We wanted to make a difference to someone’s life”.

Fostering is a natural fit for Alister and Marion. It’s not just about offering a home, but about maintaining important connections too.

Joining our team means you’re improving the lives of children in the community, helping to make their futures brighter.

“If you love family, then this is for you. It’s challenging at times, but the payoff is worth it. Seeing those little changes in a child and watching them thrive is so rewarding.”

want to start your own fostering journey?

If reading Alistair and Marion’s story has encouraged you to look into becoming a foster carer, then we’d love to hear from you. Contact out team today to get started.

want to learn more?

If you live in Wales, visit the Foster Wales website where you can find all the information and contact your local authority service.

Living in Cardiff, Wales? Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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