Fostering brothers and sisters

Fostering brothers and Sisters

Are you thinking of fostering brothers and sisters? You could give siblings a happy childhood together when they can’t remain at home.

For some families, growing up together isn’t always guaranteed. That’s why Foster Wales Cardiff are looking for more foster carers to ensure that the best match is available when siblings need a loving home.

We welcome foster carers from all walks of life, and all backgrounds. We believe in staying local and staying together. Maintaining sibling bonds is important to children, so it’s important to us too, that’s why matching siblings with a foster family is a priority. Building better futures is often about making the most of the important bonds that already exist, as well as forging new ones.

Fostering brothers and Sisters

Benefits of fostering siblings

There are many benefits of fostering siblings! For children whose lives are turned upside down, staying with siblings can be vital. Children’s relationships with their brother or sister can be one of the most important and longest they have in their life.

At Foster Wales Cardiff keeping siblings together is imperative when this is safe. We want to help maintain their relationship and give them a sense of belonging and stability.

Siblings that are separated can feel isolated. The added loss of being parted from their sibling as well as their parents can be overwhelming. They may feel less secure, find it hard to make attachments and have more behaviour problems.

Why foster siblings?

Many of our carers at Foster Wales Cardiff who foster siblings say how rewarding it is. There’s nothing better than knowing you are keeping siblings together. Giving them the opportunity to grow up together and have shared experiences. Helping them have their shared history.

There is double the fun and extra reward when caring for siblings. At Foster Wales Cardiff we are working towards keeping siblings together as they understand their journey. We know that when siblings are kept together, there are better mental health outcomes for these children and often less placement moves.

Could you foster siblings?

We are currently seeking family orientated carers who could provide care for siblings. This will involve caring for brothers and sisters so that they are able to continue to live with each other when they are not able to be at home.

If you think you could help or would like to find out more, why not visit Foster Wales Cardiff or call 02920 873 797 and speak to one of the team today.

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