Why foster with us?

Why foster with Foster Wales Cardiff?

What makes a fostering success? It’s different for every family. It means connection. Happiness. Stability. But why foster with us?

What is fostering really like?

Hear from those who know best: out amazing foster carers.

At Foster Wales Cardiff we’re right there beside every foster carer throughout their journey, offering guidance and support, and celebrating all the little victories.

Here is Ruth’s story, Ruth and her partner have been fostering for 21 years.

The Foster Family

Ruth’s decision to foster was made based on several factors, but something that really influenced her was her son having a best friend in foster care.

“Our son had a friend who was being fostered and we became friends with his foster carer. I saw, that even though there were hard times, how rewarding it was to look after children.”

Why Foster with us?

Why foster with us?

For Ruth, joining the local Foster Wales Cardiff team meant helping children stay in the places they know and love, close to important friends and family members.

“The most rewarding thing is seeing the difference in the child from when they first come to your home, to when they move on, and the positive impact we can make on that child’s life.”

When Ruth and her family started fostering, they cared for babies. Now they have opened their home to  children of all ages and really appreciate how diverse the fostering experience is.

What’s it really like?

Ruth and her family love being foster carers and can’t imagine doing anything else. Off course there are ups and downs but ultimately it is a really rewarding role.

“The most challenging thing is how hard it can be when the child moves on. We miss them so much. We would encourage anyone to foster, as you really can make a difference to a young person’s life.” 

Want to start your own fostering journey?

If reading Ruth’s story has inspired you to start your journey towards becoming a foster carer, then we’re excited to hear from you. 

Want to learn more?

If you live in Wales, visit the Foster Wales website where you can find all the information and contact your local authority service.

Living in Cardiff, Wales? Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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