Sanctuary seeking children and young people need your help!

Sanctuary seeking children and young people need your help!

Sanctuary seeking children and young people that arrive in Cardiff are looking for support, stability, and guidance.

It’s a journey you wouldn’t want anyone to have to take, especially a child. However young people are arriving in the UK, alone or separated from their families during the journey – looking for safety and care.

What happens to them and how can you help them?

Sanctuary seeking children and young people

What country do they come from?

Most young people arriving in this country seeking asylum, come from countries where there is war, conflict and oppression. With the conflict in Ukraine, we may see an increase in young refugees coming from this country over the upcoming months.

How long will they stay?

This will depend on the young persons age, their ability to live independently and their immigration status. By offering guidance, opportunities, and stability, you can build a prosperous future for a young person who needs it most.

Do I pay for their clothes and meals?

You will receive a fostering allowance to cover the requirements of the young person with you. They young persons age and level of independence will determine whether they need foster care or supported lodgings.

Do they need their own room?

Yes. Like all types of fostering, children will need their own room where they can feel safe, in their own space. Occasionally we may have siblings who are both in need of someone to care for them. Siblings can often share a room.

Do young refugees speak English?

They may know extraordinarily little or just a few words of English. They will be keen to learn everyday words from you and attend local English classes They will need lots of support to navigate the formal immigration systems and processes. The young person’s worker will help a lot with this as well.

How can I help a child seeking sanctuary to feel welcome?

No matter what your own background or/and religion, you could help these young people to feel comfortable by learning new words and recipes from their home county. The children are also living far from home, so access to the internet might help them to feel connected or contact their family to let them know they are okay.

Young sanctuary seeking children and young people are looking for a safe place, understanding and guidance on the next step in their journey. With our support and access to the wide range of services in Foster Wales Cardiff you can help sanctuary seeking children and young people overcome immense challenges.

If you would like to learn more or speak to a member of the Foster Wales Cardiff team today, please visit: Types Of Foster Care | Foster Wales Cardiff (

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